Encyclical ‘Fratelli Tutti’: summary and commentary

On the eve of the feast of Saint Francis of Assisi, 4 October 2020, Pope Francis published his third encyclical letter: ‘Fratelli tutti’.
As the person in charge within an international congregation that fulfils a clear mission in the world, more specifically in the world of education and health care, on the basis of its own charism, Bro. René Stockman offers here a short summary of each chapter followed by a more personal reflection.


Grégoire Ahongbonon wins the 2020 Dr. Guislain Award

On 15 October 2020, the Dr. Guislain Museum and Janssen Research & Development, LLC named Grégoire Ahongbonon the 2020 winner of the Dr. Guislain “Breaking the Chains of Stigma” Award. The award honors Grégoire for his extraordinary efforts to reduce stigma about mental illness and organize contemporary psychiatric services for people in need across West Africa.


New Triest Museum in Rome

Following the favourable progress of the beatification process of our Founder, Peter Joseph Triest, it was decided to set up a small exhibition on the Founder at the Generalate in Rome.


Who are the Brothers of Charity?

The Brothers of Charity are an international religious congregation with a strong commitment to various social issues.

From their foundation in 1807, the Brothers of Charity took on their mission in society: organize education and provide care for children, adolescents, and adults. They always sided with those who found no response to their request for help elsewhere.

As a result, the Brothers of Charity grew into a large congregational organization of brothers and lay staff members.

Global presence

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The Brothers of Charity have convent communities and initiatives in 30 countries around the world. They are most strongly represented in Africa and Asia.

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