We have an established history with China. Collaboration with the Verbiest Foundation out of Leuven, Belgium has existed since 1991, and the regular visits, the exchange programmes in the field of mental health, and our contacts with both the patriotic and the underground Catholic Church led to the foundation of our first community in 2007 for the formation of young Chinese who expressed their desire to become a brother. This resulted in the profession of the first Chinese brothers in 2011.

Today, we continue to work on the formation and training of our young brothers and candidates. Brothers are also taking part in initiatives in the field of support for people with disabilities, they serve in a small home for young students in Taiyuan, and there are plans to set up care for the elderly in the near future.


Bro. Yuan Shi Ping (Jose)

Brothers Of Charity
Our Lady of Sheshan Community
Fujiayuan Xiaoqu 10, Unit 3, Room No. 1302,
Xiaodian District
Taiyuan City 030006
Shanxi Province

Tel.: +86-182 3517 0908

China, november 2013