Agenda General Chapter


Monday 2 July

10 a.m.: Opening Eucharist presided over by Mgr. Carballo

4 p.m.: Elections of the commissions

Tuesday 3 July

Reports of the Superior General and the Provincial Superiors

Wednesday 4 July

Evaluations of the motions of 2012: introductions and commentary by the General Assistants

Thursday 5 July

Financial Report: subgroup discussions

Friday 6 July

Preparation of the commissions’ reports – plenum

Saturday 7 July

Day of recollection led by Archbishop Mgr. Carballo

Monday 9 July

Election of the Superior General and the Vicar General

Tuesday 10 July

The associate members join

‘Be radical in prophecy’, introduction by Bro. Martin de Porres

Wednesday 11 July

‘As consecrated men’, introduction by Bro. Venance Kapita

Thursday 12 July

‘In the mission of charity’, introduction by Bro. Jimi Antonio Huayta

Friday 13 July

Preparation of the motions

Monday 16 July

Revision of the Constitutions and discussion

Tuesday 17 July

Further discussion of the points from the Provincial Chapters

Wednesday 18 July

Formulation of the motions in discussion groups

Thursday 19 July

Election of the General Assistants

Finalization of the motions by the Chapter Commission

Friday 20 July

Voting of the motions

Closing of the General Chapter