In 1929, a group of Dutch Brothers of Charity settled in Indonesia to provide education. The first foundation was in Purworejo. The war years were very tough. Most missionaries returned to the Netherlands, while some were put in prison camps.

The presence of the ‘Brothers of Divine Love’, founded by the Brothers of Charity and later incorporated into the Congregation, made it possible for them to return to Indonesia after the war. Again, they entered the field of education, with foundations in Purworejo, Purwokerto and Yogyakarta, and a new institute for the education of children with hearing impairments in Wonosobo.

From the 1990s, they started with the care of children and adolescents with intellectual disabilities in Boro, the support of people affected by substance misuse in Yogyakarta, and the care of mental patients in Purworejo and Ruteng, Flores.

With the foundation in Indonesia, the Brothers of Charity found themselves in Asia. Several Indonesian brothers now help the Congregation grow in various countries across the world.


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