Fracarita Belgium’s 2017 South Campaign targets epilepsy in Africa

On Tuesday 24 January, the new South Campaign, Fracarita Belgium’s annual campaign within the apostolic works of the Brothers of Charity in Belgium, was launched at the Zoete Nood Gods Pyschiatric Centre in Lede. About 220 staff members from our schools and facilities attended and were inspired to develop the campaign for their own target groups.


Inauguration of the Aqua Lodge Hotel in Kigoma, Tanzania

In Kigoma, in the presence of Superior General and president of Fracarita International and Fracarita Belgium, Bro. René Stockman, the inauguration of the Aqua Lodge Hotel took place. Aqua Lodge is a small hotel with – for the time being – nine fully equipped rooms and a modern conference room, which the Brothers of Charity in Tanzania want to use to generate extra income to support their apostolic activities.


Who are the Brothers of Charity?

The Brothers of Charity are an international religious congregation with a strong commitment to various social issues.

From their foundation in 1807, the Brothers of Charity took on their mission in society: organize education and provide care for children, adolescents, and adults. They always sided with those who found no response to their request for help elsewhere.

As a result, the Brothers of Charity grew into a large congregational organization of brothers and lay staff members.

Global presence

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The Brothers of Charity have convent communities and initiatives in 30 countries around the world. They are most strongly represented in Africa and Asia.

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