A letter from Shijie Charities (China) on the occasion of the Chinese New Year

“SHIJIE wish that all the programs of Brothers of Charity in China will continuously develop, in order to serve more people in needs and bring greater benefits to them in the love of God. May the congregation in China, specifically in Taiyuan grow and develop, so that can work together with more and more people and strength to build the Kingdom of God.”

Day 15 General Chapter – Wednesday 18 July 2018

The chapter commission worked this morning on the additions to the motions as they were written out as projects the previous days. The afternoon was given over to a long plenary meeting, where every proposal was reviewed and supplemented with a number of remarks. The recasting of the constitutions did not immediately come to a compromise, and it was finally decided that the proposal developed by the commission set up for this purpose could be included during the next chapter period.

Day 13 General Chapter – Monday 16 July 2018

We were very saddened to hear of the death of Bro. Paul De Cocq from Belgium this morning. During the opening prayer he was specially commemorated, and we thanked the Lord for his life as a Brother of Charity. Today it became a full day in plenum. This morning the chapter committee reported on its activities during the past week. In the afternoon, Bro. Adrian Hartotanojo gave the report from the committee which looked at a possible revision of the constitutions. The last session reported on the work of the European province, brought by Bro. Luc Van Dyck.